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Ongoing Projects

Earthpro Ltd. Ongoing Projects

On-going Soil Remediation activity at Alode, Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria By EarthPro

EarthPro Unique Integrated Limited on-going project at Alode, Eleme, Rivers State Nigeria

The site was handed over by the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria, led by the Minister of Environment in Conjunction with Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) to EarthPro Unique Integrated Limited, witnessed by NTA, RSTV and other news outlet as well as the host community.

Project activities

Project Coordinator of HYPREP (with mic) Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil, Commissioner Ministry of Environment Roseline Konya, the Paramount ruler of Alode Community, Minister of Environment Suleiman Hassan. During the event of site hand over at Alode, Eleme, Rivers State

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